ACT Office for Mental Health
Online Consultation Survey

The ACT Government has engaged Synergia Consulting to provide advice regarding the establishment of a new Office for Mental Health in the ACT. This work is being led by Dr Sebastian Rosenberg, working with Dr Lynne Lane (formerly NZ Mental Health Commissioner) and Prof Alan Rosen (formerly Deputy NSW Mental Health Commissioner). Between now and February 2018 we will be engaging with the ACT community, both face to face and online, as well as meeting stakeholders and people with relevant experience from other jurisdictions to formulate this advice.

This project is about designing the new Office to be fit for purpose, to ensure it has the right powers and capacity to drive positive change in mental health in the ACT. This online survey has been created so as to collect the views of the ACT community in relation to several key questions. Please find these questions below, along with space to record your views, which will be collated as part of our data collection process.

Thanks for taking the time to give us your views.
1. What are the key challenges facing mental health in the ACT?

2. How can a new Office address these challenges?

3. Are there specific powers, tasks or roles a new Office should undertake? Any that should be avoided?

4. How could a new Office drive better Territory-wide integration of our mental health system?

5. If the new Office was to be judged as successful, what would have changed in the ACT in five yearís time?

6. What relationship should the new Office have with Government itself (part of, separate, armís length etc) as well as with consumers, carers, health professionals, individual government agencies, researchers, others?

7Please select the role that best reflects the perspective from which you have completed this survey
   Health professional
   Service provider

This survey is designed to be anonymous. However, if you are interested in registering your interest in receiving further information on the development of the ACT Office for Mental Health please enter your email below.


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