Pre-meeting Opinion Canvassing

Scenario:   You have a meeting scheduled with your people with the aim of covering some important issues. What would be really good is if you could canvass peoples opinions to the proposed agenda and associated documentation and get them to respond to a small number of questions in order to do two things:
  1. Prepare people for the meeting get them walking in the door having already done some thinking; and
  2. For you to gain an understanding of the issues that either have consensus or are going to be highly problematic to handle at the meeting.

What Informis Does:

  • Informis can develop and have your pre-meeting opinion canvassing questions and linked documents (if required) live on the web within 24hrs of receiving an email from you containing the required information
  • Provide you with a web link that you can email to your people outlining how you and your people can view and respond to the questions
  • Tag peoples responses or allow them to be anonomous
  • Give respondents whatever timeframe you choose (5 days, 10 days) to respond
  • At the end of this time Informis will email the results to you. In a standard report format, or data file of your choosing
  • Informis also recognise that some of these issues that you may want to cover may be highly confidential therefore you can request that the feedback be anonymous enabling people to be as open as possible.

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