On-line Transaction Process Dropout Feedback

Scenario:   You or your organisation offer the option of purchasing products and/or services on-line. The process that your customers follow may consist of a numerous steps each asking for certain details such as their name, product required and credit card number.  This process can at times be daunting and confusing for people.  If this is the case many may dropout of the process part way through.  Wouldn't it be really great to know why? What led them to dropout?  How can you modify/improve your purchasing experience to ensure that people find it as easy seamless and to make sure that you get people whoa re obviously interested in your products and services buying them.
In response to these issues Informis has developed a survey option which targets those people that dropout of your on-line purchasing experience. How does Informis achieve this? The process is very simple.  When a customer leaves the purchasing area of your website, either by closing their internet browser or by navigating to a different area within your website or a different website altogether, they are presented with a small non-offensive pop-up window asking them to provide feedback on the purchasing experience and/or how it can be improved.  The specific content shown inside this pop-up is up to you.  This pop-up window also contains a hyperlink to an on-line survey (hosted by Informis) for your users to fill out.
It's as simple as that. From the results you will be able to better understand the drivers behind on line purchasing decisions and drop-out dynamics. Enabling you to tailor you service to your customers, improving their experience and increasing your sales.
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