Customer Feedback

You sell a product or deliver a service to a variety of customers all over the world. You keep details on all transactions that are made and keep a database of your customers details. Every year, in order to get feedback from these customers, you send out a customer feedback survey to a sample of customers. Every year you construct the survey, pay to get it printed, spend hours labelling envelopes and check addresses, and stick stamps onto hundreds of envelopes and don't forget the self addressed envelopes you have to include for people to respond. Every year you wait (in some cases) months for the responses to roll in. Sometimes they never do. You ask yourself was my survey too long, did I send it to an old address. In reality the answers to these questions you will never know. Every year you think to yourself there must be a better way, an easier way. There must also be a way of doing this that shows my customers that my business is innovative and is using the most advanced technologies to improve and deliver the best possible solutions too customers.
What Informis Does:
  • Send Informis your survey and we will have your questions live on the web within 24hrs of receiving an email from you containing the required information.
  • Provide you with a web link that you can email to your people outlining how you and your people can view and respond to the survey questions
  • Tag peoples responses or allow them to be anonomous
  • Give respondents whatever timeframe you choose (5 days, 10 days) to respond
  • At the end of this time Informis will email the results to you. In a standard report format, or data file of your choosing.

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