Brainstorming Session

Scenario:   You've got a couple of important topics that you'd like your people to review and then brainstorm. Traditionally you'd organise a hour meeting and do a brainstorming exercise. The problem however is that your people are scattered all over the world and you haven't got time to get in touch with them to get their feedback. You also have a couple of quiet people in your team and in the past they haven't appeared comfortable expressing their views/ideas in front of others.
To get around these problems you could send out an email, but then you'd have to spend time (which you don't have) collating peoples responses and feeding the results back to them, and why should you do it when Informis offers a service tailored to your needs.
What Informis Does:
  • Informis can develop and have your brainstorming questions live on the web within 24hrs of receiving an email from you containing the required information.
  • Provide you with a web link that you can email to your people outlining how you and your people can view and respond to the brainstorming questions
  • Tag peoples responses or allow them to be anonomous
  • Give respondents whatever timeframe you choose (5 days, 10 days) to respond
  • At the end of this time Informis will email the results to you. In a standard report format, or data file of your choosing.

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