Solutions tailored to meet your requirements
No two research projects are alike, all services are quoted according to your requirements.   If you have more specialised needs, these can also be accommodated. The entire look and feel can be customised, from banner images to fonts and page layout. This is done on a quoted basis, but all services include:
  • Your logo or chosen image in the questionnaire

  • Anonymous or password-protected survey

  • Choice of HTML ‘frame’ or personalised login/entry pages for virtual hosting on your own website. 

  • Setup service. You provide the questions... that's it.

  • Live survey status page with 24/7 access to your data. 


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How can we help?
Informis puts people in touch with other people. Lots of other people. Yes, it's well-suited to things like surveys and questionnaires... but there's much more. Try these: