Designing a good, effective survey is not an easy task. As well as being difficult it is also one of the most critical phases of the entire survey process. Decisions made during this phase can have a profound impact on the overall survey results. Probably the most critical element within the survey design phase is question design. A common saying in survey design is that the survey is only as good as the questions it asks. Subtle differences in the phrasing, formatting and sequencing of the questions can have a profound impact on the results obtained from the survey. 
So how can Informis help you to obtain valid, reliable and accurate data?
  • Provide expert survey design consultation. We have design surveys for numerous clients across a number of industries and research formats in both academic and business contexts.

  • We have designed an incredibly flexible survey builder, which can handle wide range of question formats, single and multiple page survey's and a host of other features. (To view demonstrations of these features click here)

  • You also have the option to custom build pages and question types to exactly match your requirements (on a quoted basis).

  • Access some survey design help for free by trying these useful links.

Once you've designed your survey instrument, click here to find out how to get it online.