Getting your survey online
Having finished designing your survey the next step is to email us a copy, along with the following information.

  • A login and password for yourself. you will use this to access your own secure survey administration area. If you have no preference Informis will randomly generate one for you.

  • A security level for your survey.

  • There are several options for survey security:

    • Wide-open. No password required. Anybody can answer the questionnaire by clicking on a hyperlink. This is especially useful if respondents are being contacted via email, as they can simply click on the link and start answering. (e.g "please answer my questionnaire at").
    • Invitation-only. The questionnaire is protected by a single password. The respondent enters this information into a login screen and is taken straight to the appropriate survey. This method retains anonymity for respondents while ensuring that only 'invited' members of your sample can respond.  
    • Identified Respondents. Each respondent is given a unique login-name and/or password, which they must enter before answering your survey. Responses are tagged to enable attributing responses to specific respondents.
  • The date you would like your survey to start and the date you would like it to finish.

  • A logo or graphic you would like displayed on your survey page(s).

When we receive your survey via email along with the above information we will enter your survey into the Informis Survey Engine, which will build your survey and put it online. You will then be sent an email containing information on how to access your survey and also your secure admin area.
The next step is to get people to respond to your survey.

Getting respondents.
How you get people to answer your survey is entirely up to you: Include site information and login instructions in a (snail-mail) letter to your sample; Place a link on your own website, or send out invitations containing the survey link by email. If you wish, supply a spreadsheet or database of names and addresses and Informis will send personalized emails on your behalf. 

All you have to do now is watch your dataset grow
Your questionnaire admin page shows the status of your questionnaire(s) in real-time. As each response is submitted, the page is updated with the number of responses to date, and the date and time of the last response.

You can access your data anytime, and it's easy. Click here to find out how.