Business Intelligence Case Study (pg 1)
Alpha Clothing
Jane Doe is the general manager of Alpha Clothing, a local fashion retailer. Alpha has conducted customer surveys twice-a-year for several years, sending questionnaires to the customers on its mailing list and gathering information about what they think of the product lines offered, level of customer service, and suggestions for improving the shopping experience. But Jane started to get the feeling that the mail surveys weren't quite worth the time and expense. To encourage people to respond, she had to include pre-paid reply envelopes with every survey she sent out- and less than a quarter of the people she sent them to actually used them. What a waste! And when the responses came in (over a period of weeks) either she or a staff member had to spend hours painstakingly entering them into the computer so she could analyse the results. There had to be a better way, right?
That's where Informis comes in.