Informis was formed in early 2001 by David Parker and David Todd. Before delving into what Informis is all about NOW, a little bit of history.
In late 2000 we were asked to put together an on-line survey for a software product that one of our collegaues was selling.  We hadn't put together such a survey before and thought, rather than building the survey from the ground up we would find out what on-line survey research solutions already existed. Our search uncovered a range of survey building software applications that we could download and research companies that offered on-line research services. We didn't, however find anything that matched our survey requirements. What was wrong with their offerings? First, price. As a part of this research we contacted a number of research companies asking for quotes on our little 15 question, 100 respondent survey. The quotes ranged from the mid thousands($US) to the 10's of thousands($US), we were a little shocked. Second, many of the options required us to download and install software on our machines, we didn't want to do this, why didn't they just do it for us. Third, in some cases we were required to have skills in web programming to us there software - while we had the skills we didn't really want to have to learn how to us another piece of software.
Taking all this into account we were disappointed. We had a strong belief that there must be an easier way, a better way. An approach which didn't cost the earth or require people to be experts in web programming and on-line survey design. We suspected other people out there were thinking the same thing.
Informis was born.
When we started Informis in early 2001 we set out three aims:
  1. Make the survey setup process fast - Informis offer a 24hr turnaround time from received your questions (electronically) to having a prototype of your survey on-line.
  2. Make our survey as flexible as possible - big survey's (100 questions sent to 1000 respondents) or smaller (5 questions to 10 people) Informis offer solutions that fit.
  3. Make on line survey's cost effective and accessible to everyone.
These aims led to the development of the Informis value proposition below.
The Informis Value Proposition
Informis aims to deliver on-line survey research solutions to its client's that work, are cost effective, faster, and easier than the competition while maintaining the highest levels of professionalism, confidentiality and integrity.
Since developing the aims and value proposition, we believe we've lived up to them. We have developed a range of exciting services and made on-line survey research accessible to all people across all budgets. Rather than believing us read what some of our clients have said.
Quotes from our clients:
  1. Oracle New Zealand - This [our survey] went really well, I was pleased with the ease of use and the speed of the process, well done & thanks.
  2. High Performance Learning Systems Ltd - We emailed our survey to Informis on Monday morning, and by Monday night it was all up and running. The first results were coming in on Tuesday morning - simple and effective. Great stuff.
  3. Relationship Strategies Ltd - We used Informis to help deliver an output to a client. Our client thought it was really great that we were being innovative, which in the end looks good for us. Informis helped us get the job done.